Get to know me.

I've been doing this a while.

Hi, I'm Colleen.

I have worked as a professional Graphic Designer since 2002 growing from Intern to Lead Graphic Designer & Art Director to business owner. My work experience includes positions at advertising agencies, tech companies, and internal creative departments.
Working independently allows me to offer high-quality creative work without an excessive price tag. When you strip away all the layers of an advertising agency and get down to the one person you really need, you'll find me. The Graphic Designer doing the fantastic creative work.
Whether you need help brainstorming names for a new company, updating the look of an aging brand, working through iterations of a new logo design, building a new website, designing ads, creating marketing materials, maintaining your social media presence or pumping out catchy headlines for your next campaign, I can make it happen.
Cut out the excessive mark-ups and unnecessary middle men. Go straight to the source and get top-notch graphic design work that fits nicely in your budget.